About CrossTower

CrossTower is a worldwide Web 3.0 firm established in 2019, and it provides crypto exchange and trading services that comply with world-class regulatory standards. CrossTower uses the wealth of knowledge it has accumulated in trading, technology, operational infrastructure, and REGULATORY compliance to broaden digital assets' availability to institutions. The United States, Bermuda, and India have several CrossTower offices. In the United States, CrossTower is not responsible for the operation of any exchanges.

Lowest Costs

No-Fee Trading, trade crypto commission-free.

Advanced Platform

Robust API and a customizable user interface.

Global Markets

Offices located in the US, Bermuda and India.

Execution Services

Deep liquidity with tight spreads and market depth.


Custody, Regulatory Compliance, Cybersecurity, AML/KYC.

Global Markets

Our U.S., Bermuda, and India offices allow us to tap into global liquidity.

Ready to get started?

Get started on your CrossTower journey. We offer a variety of informational content along with top tier trading services.